10:10 is changing. Have your say.

As 10:10 approaches its tenth birthday, we’ve been thinking a lot about change. All the things that have changed in the last decade, and all the things that haven’t. Most of all, we’ve been thinking about the massive challenge that lies ahead for the next ten years. 

As the UN’s climate scientists told the world last October, what we do in the 2020s matters if we want to keep to 1.5°C global warming. It matters a lot. We’re going to have to radically change how we live our lives, from what we eat to how we keep our homes warm, cool and dry to how we move around. 

We have to do all of this at an unprecedented scale, and an unprecedented speed. And we have to do all of it whilst also coping with the degree or so of global warming we’ve cooked up for ourselves already. People sometimes talk about tackling climate change as our generation’s “moonshot”, but honestly putting a man on the moon looks piddly compared to the challenge in front of us.   

To help us meet this challenge, we’re going to be making some changes at the 10:10 Foundation.

We’re going to keep that same can-do attitude which has always been at the core of our work. We’re also keeping our focus on community action. But we’re ramping up our ambition, and going to be louder about pushing others to be more ambitious too.

We’re going to be focusing our work into five key challenges, all areas we know the public can play a role in speeding up action:

  • Cleaning up energy - achieving zero carbon power and zero carbon homes.

  • Working with nature - restoring nature to lock up carbon and protect us from climate impacts.

  • Changing how we travel - swapping cars for public transport and active travel, planes for trains - and electrifying everything.

  • Changing what we eat and buy - switching to plant-based diets, ending waste, and learning to have more fun with less.

  • Talking about the climate crisis - breaking the climate silence, and empowering everyone to understand the crisis we face.

For each of these challenges, we’re going to be sharing a range of actions people can take on their own, actions to take with others, and ways to help unlock larger change. These will include the sort of big, bold, eye-catching and adventurous ideas we’ve become famous for, like solar railways and heat pumps under parks, as well as a new actions blog full of advice for ramping up not only your own climate ambition but everyone else’s.

We’re also going to take the opportunity to change our name. From October 10th we’re going to be called Possible

10:10 was a brilliant name for a campaign (we asked people to cut their carbon by 10% in 2010, if you don’t remember that far back...) but it was never a great fit for an organisation. For a charity like ours, with our eyes squarely on the future, we can’t have a name that looks back to a decade’s old campaign. 

We think this new name fits our stubborn optimism. Community owned solar railways? Possible. Lift the ban on onshore wind? Possible. Car free cities? Possible. More than triple our government’s tree-planting targets? Possible. 

Moreover, we know that the thing we’re good at - and the thing the people of Britain still badly need - is to beat climate fear with positive, practical projects which help build the world we want to see. We’re here to help people not only see that action on climate change is Possible, but build it too. 

We're excited about what we think we can achieve in the next decade, but we know we can’t do any of it without our amazing supporters. It's only with your support we’ll have the impact we need. 

Our supporters have always been the greatest instigators and champions of climate action; starting conversations, sharing advice, inspiring others, bugging politicians, spotting opportunities. Together, we show what is Possible.

Will you help make sure we get this next bit right? 

Skye, our new digital comms officer is hard at work rebuilding the website. She’d love to get your feedback on what you love and don’t love about the current one. Get in touch, or fill in this survey, to have your say on the new website.

Have your say on the new website

Matt, our creative lead, has been working up a set of designs for a Possible logo and visual identity. He’s got a few options in mind and could do with your feedback. So If you’d like a sneak peek and are up for letting him know what you think, he’s all ears. 

Tell us what you think of Matt’s possible Possible logo

And Hannah, our supporter engagement officer, is keen to hear stories of what climate action you’d been making possible over the last 10 years, with 10:10 or on your own. What have you been up to?

Tell Hannah what being a 10:10er has meant to you

Thanks for being part of the 10:10 story so far. We can’t wait to see what we’ll do together as Possible. 

Oh and if anyone wants one of our old 10:10 tags we have a few left in the office and will post you some in exchange for a donation. First come, first served!