The best thing you can do for clean energy right now



This clever policy helped Germany get to 26% renewables. Let's make it happen here!

Here's a weird thing...

In Germany, any community can put up a wind turbine or solar panels, then sell the power locally for whatever price they think is fair.

The result: hundreds of thriving little clean energy suppliers, and loads more renewables on the grid.

We could be doing the same thing over here too, but right now the rules of Britain's crazy energy market make it impossible.

Don't be sad though - we can fix this!

In a couple of months, a new energy minister will sit down for their first day on the job. Let's send a big fat petition crashing onto their desk that same morning, telling them to give communities the right to supply local power for a fair price.

Local supply rights could be a game-changer for renewables, but that's just the start: Rewards for careful energy users? No problem. Cut-price power for those who need it? Why not!

Sounds like a plan? Join the petition, then share it with everyone you know. Let's make this happen!

"Imagine buying your power direct from local wind and solar. Now sign the petition to help make it possible!"