Powering our railways with solar PV

Riding Sunbeams is a world leading project to connect solar panels directly into electrified rail routes to power the trains.

Direct supply of solar power to rail traction systems has never been done. But it has huge potential - from metros, trams and railways in the UK and around the world.

After extensive feasibility work and research, we’re almost ready to connect the first pilot solar panels to the railway.

Then we’ll go bigger, offering shares in solar farms to communities and commuters, so that local people will own and benefit from the clean energy powering their trains.

Get on board - here comes the sun!

Our progress so far

We’ve produced a report examining six potential community solar sites to power the trains in the south-east, and updated technical improvements to the equipment we would need to use. Published February 2019.


You can download this report as a pdf here. 

To find out more about where the idea came from, detailed technical information and our study of real-world applications, please read our first report, published December 2017.


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